The Breathing App

Eddie Stern and Deepak Chopra created this awesome breathing app (with a little help from Moby and the app developer Sergey Varichev). It can improve your overall physical and mental well being, help regulate your breath and calm your mind. It is extremely simple to use and a perfect tool to complement the practice and teach you to maintain even breathing. It is a real gift to the world, not only for Ashtanga practitioners but to share with everyone you know.

The Breathing App is inspired by resonance, the scientific name that describes what happens when our heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, and brainwave function come into a coherent frequency. It occurs spontaneously when we breathe at a rate of six breaths per minute (instead of our usual 15-18), and is the rate of breathing that Buddhist monks and Yogis naturally enter into while meditating.”

The app is free and downloadable from iTunes

Sharath Jois on Systematic Nature of Aṣṭāṅga Yoga 

Read the latest article by Sharath on the systematic nature of Aṣṭāṅga Yoga and the importance of the ordering of the asana.

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