Tomorrow is a moon day and a most powerful one at that!  The Super Moon, Blue Moon and Blood Moon combine to create a rare celestial hat trick. Take rest from practice.

In Los Angeles, the moon will be full at 5.29 am on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.  If you want to catch the eclipse, it begins at 3.48 am.  The totality commences at  4.51 am (with the full eclipse at 5.29 am, lasting until 6.07 am). For more information about the full lunar eclipse, see the Griffith Observatory (which actually opens at 3.30am if you would like to view it from there, or Livestream it).


What this means for our practice

In reality, a supermoon simply means that the moon is very close to earth. The second full moon in a month is termed a “blue” moon, but this should not have any Vedic effect.  The full moon, however, does effect yoga practitioners, more so a blood moon!  This week be very careful and gentle with your practice. When there is such powerful energy about, it is easier to hurt ourselves, one of the reasons we rest completely on full moon days.



The full moon is the perfect time to sit and do some resonance breathing for ten minutes or so.  If you have not yet downloaded the Breathing App, it has recently been updated, I highly recommend it!

Talking of breathing, to fine-tune your breath during āsana, Andrew’s article might help you:


Thank You

As we embark on our first full month at Ashtanga Yoga South Bay, I would like to express my gratitude to each and every one of you. It has been a pleasure these past two weeks to have students who are all so devoted and dedicated to the practice.  I am sure you can feel how much more cohesive this makes the room, filled with fellow practitioners who enthusiastically support each other and AYSB.  For those of you joining on February 1st, we look forward to welcoming you!