Sharath is on his way to LA from San Francisco after, by all accounts, a wonderful week there. He will commence teaching us at UCLA on Tuesday.

I will not be at YogaWorks South Bay all week.

I will either see you at UCLA with Sharath or next week Monday, May 22 back at YogaWorks. There will be an eclectic mix of teachers covering mornings this week; Lynn Carmichael, Gary Goldman and Maria Zavala.

Please remember that there will be no class at LYFE Yoga next Sunday, May 21 in honor of Sharath’s visit.

Below is a little extract from one of the mini-conferences Sharath gave after class at Stanford one day, recorded courtesy of Harmony Slater:

Svadhyaya is the effort we have to put forth ourselves for transformation to occur.

“Svadhyaya means: The Guru can’t make you climb up. If you want to learn how to climb a coconut tree, what do you do? Someone will tell you how to climb. He will try to push you as much as possible as much as he can reach, and from there you should climb up. Your Guru can’t push you all the way up. Do you know what I mean? So you have to put effort to climb the rest of the tree – to get the coconut. That putting [your own] effort is called: Svadhyaya. So your teacher will try to push you as much as possible, as much as he can reach. You have to climb the rest of the way yourself.”