Our Zoomaversary

From next week we would have been conducting virtual classes for an entire year! Life is unpredictable and full of surprises and certainly I do not think any of us expected this to last as long as it has. It has been a unique opportunity to learn resilience, acceptance of what is and the futility of worrying or trying to change things beyond our control.  As we discussed last week in conference, this year has hopefully distilled for us the essence of this practice of self-discovery and self-empowerment. You have surely seen that practice is possible in all places and in all conditions. You are each on your own quest: the teacher is merely a chaperone and observer who sometimes protects you from the practice and at other times the practice from you! The real wisdom and light is already there within you, if you look deeply. Advanced practice means simply finding steadiness and comfort (or at least tolerance of discomfort) wherever you are. This is a constant exercise in refining and discovering subtlety over many years, perhaps indeed easier to do in your own homes alone and silent. My wish is that this time has provided greater self-awareness, that you have made your practice your own and this path truly your own responsibility. May you continue to shelter in your practice as life moves on. It seems that a possibility of in-person classes may appear by the end of this year, with no expectations of course, since everything is impermanent. Like our practice, our being in this transient world will need to be adapted and refined… it is a never-ending evolution, requiring aparigraha and abhyāsa. Also of course, shraddha, faith.  Keep showing up and things will happen. Don’t worry, just practice.

Please also note:
Friday March 12th is the new moon, please take rest.

Thus tomorrow led class, as usual

  • Chanting at 6.00am
  • Led Primary Series at 6.30am
  • Conference at 8.00am

For those interested (from Robert Moses):
Dr. Robert Svoboda will be telling stories of Lord Śiva live on March 11 at 12:30 Eastern Time USA. Zoom Webinar ID: 851 6855 9081This year thousands of temples across the world are holding online festivities. There are too many to link to here. Search the God Google or try Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi India, which a has a Live Darshan Channel on YouTube.Om Namah Śivaya


Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Maha Śivaratri celebrations.