I am taking the novel coronavirus outbreak seriously, not out of fear, but from looking at the hard facts and science. It would be irresponsible for me to ignore it as it is my duty to protect our community. Having spoken to students last week, I know that many of you are concerned. We are in a somewhat unique situation in the Mysore room because we sweat and breathe together in fairly close proximity. I am taking all the precautions I can, but this is the nature of our practice. Some common-sense reminders and guidelines are set out below. I do not make these requests lightly. I know that for some of you they may cause significant inconvenience, but nevertheless please honour them for the good of all.


  1. Please wash your hands frequently and thoroughly! By this I mean also wash your hands each time after you blow your nose and throw away your tissues immediately. If you cannot wash your hands, use hand sanitizer
  2. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue. Then wash your hands
  3. Avoid touching your face with your hands
  4. Bring a clean towel to class to be used for adjustments, that you do not use to wipe sweat with
  5. Note only essential adjustments will be given
  6. Please do not come to class if you have a fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, swollen glands or shortness of breath
  7. In consideration of your fellow practitioners, I would ask that you practice at home for two weeks after you have taken a flight. I am making this voluntary for local flights for now, but it may become mandatory
  8. If you are frequently in situations where you are in large gatherings or airborne, in the interests of keeping everyone in our community safe I am asking you to please practice at home until further notice
  9. If you have underlying conditions that make you particularly vulnerable to this virus or are in close proximity to people who are, you may want to consider self-practice too
  10. At this point in time I am not accepting any drop in students whom I do not know
  11. Practice keeps you strong, so don’t neglect your practice even if you do not come to class. It is an important part of self-care both physically and mentally. Practice six days a week (excluding moon days and ladies holidays) unless you have a fever
  12. We do not know what the future will bring. We may have to adjust to changing situations at any moment. It might well be that at some point we will temporarily hold class via Zoom! Whatever the situation, the practice will continue… it never ceases and reveals all

If you have any worries or questions please do not hesitate to email me.
Obviously if you feel compelled to stay away from class, you will not be charged and I will pro-rate you accordingly

Let’s make a community effort to care for one another
with love and metta,Natale´