Today we celebrate two years of independence
and community at Ashtanga Yoga South Bay 🙂

Thank you to all of you for your dedication and continued practice, especially to those of you who were in class today.

We would not be thriving if not for each student’s commitment and discipline. When you come to class you not only support your own practice but you inspire those around you both in the room and in your wider circle, changing yourself to change the world. Community and being there for each other is important. As Dr Christopher Chapple relates in his yoga sutras translation Sacred Thread: Inspired by the importance of friends on the spiritual path, Ananda asked his cousin The Buddha, “Is spiritual friendship half of the path?” The Buddha replied: “No, Ananda, spiritual friendship is the whole path.”

By your intentions on your mat you send much-needed metta and healing out to this fractured planet. So thank you ?? and let’s continue to transform ourselves and our world for the better through devoted sadhana.