Friday, February 10th is a moon day.  Please take rest.  

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Honouring the Practice

Last Friday in led class we spoke about the sanctity of this practice and of the sacrifice, hard work and discipline Guruji, Sharath, my teacher Noah and myself have made to preserve Ashtanga yoga and this parampara.  Do not waste the preciousness of this knowledge.  To truly honour this lineage and not be a hypocrite when we chant the opening mantra, we need to be impeccable with our practice and respect the teacher and the teachings being passed down to us.  Practice as though Guruji or Sharath were watching (Guruji is, even when you do closing).  Please adhere to the correct Ashtānga alignment as has been taught to you.  Do not add any stretches, do not use blocks, do not use the wall.  Please practice Ashtanga Yoga in Ashtanga class.  When you deviate from the method you create samskāras, and the more you do this, the more difficult these impressions will be to remove.  Create positive samskāras instead by practicing in the correct manner.  Please maintain your own drsti and own integrity in your practice.  We are practicing to find enlightenment and the first step requires surrendering to the teaching and having faith.  Practice with a happy attitude and to sow good karma, not bad.  Do not take this practice lightly.  Be grateful and devoted to it.  Do not take the knowledge that comes down to you through your teacher lightly.  Appreciate each drop.  It may be the most important thing in your life.  Honour the practice.  Get up each morning, wash yourself, prepare yourself for this sacred ritual.  Perhaps offer a piece of fruit, or a flower, or a leaf, or a candle or some incense to the Guru: where you practice is your temple.  Show devotion and learn to be generous and grateful.  Step on your map with full awareness of the weight of this undertaking, this ancient practice that you are so privileged to have come across, this practice that offers freedom should you surrender to it completely, this practice that so many before you have spent their lives preserving….  treasure it!  And begin… and sweetness is sure to follow.