This past season in Mysore Sharath granted an interview to Peg Mulqeen of Ashtanga Yoga Dispatch. The interview is in the form of a podcast:

It is well worth listening to, especially if you have never been to Mysore nor attended conference with Sharath. Sharath discusses the deeper aspects of yoga and the importance of maintaining a steady mind. This is essential listening if you are an Ashtanga Yoga practitioner.

Sharath will be coming to Los Angeles in two weeks time to teach a week of led classes from May 16 to 21.  In Mysore this year students in conference were begging Sharath to visit their continent (those from Africa or South America).  We are so fortunate: not only is he in our continent and country, he is in our city.  Classes will be held at UCLA which is a quick drive from the South Bay at 5.30am in the morning.  UCLA is well equiped with showers and facilities to enable you to go straight to work afterwards.  Make the effort!  When the Guru of the system of yoga you practice comes to your city, you go!  No excuses!